Citycar.PK is the leading & largest online retail in Pakistan, offering eCommerce services for Car Accessories, Modification, Decoration Parts, Gadgets, Car Stereo System and Conversions developed by
Company in Faisalabad, has over 50,000 sq. of warehousing space across Pakistan and has delivered to all over the Pakistan. The online shopping platform has a portfolio of international brands and has established itself as a notable success story.
To support the development of a vibrant online culture, Pakistan’s leading eCommerce portal, which hosts over 100,000 visitors on its website daily, offers a portfolio of over 20,000 products, cash on delivery, nationwide shipping and a 7-day return policy.

What makes Citycar Different from other?

When we think of Auto Mobile, often the very first thing that comes to mind is our Accessories. Sure, our accessories are definitely auto mobile products. But how many other things in our lives also incorporate auto market? Well, there are our car decoration like car care, interior, even exterior. But is that all. We often overlook the importance of industrial Auto Market. Industrial Auto Market are built for a specific industry or profession and have many special qualities like Car Modifications Products.

What we really do? has direct import & export business of car accessories from world top countries(China,Taiwan,Japan). Citycar is Pakistan first wholesale and retail company in all over Pakistan.

Our Vision

Our vision to grow citycar at top level worldwide. Citycar is a part of growing of Pakistan economy. We want to provide best services and of car accessories and car care services in all over Pakistan at very resonable prices.

History of the Company estaiblished in 1997 in Faisalabad. Citycar get unbelievable progress in very less time in all over Faisalabad. Then citycar start to provide services all over Pakistan and also get success Alhumdulliah. Then we open a branch in Dubai  and after some time in Turkey. And now with Grace of Allah everything is going perfectly because we provide best services and customers like our work.

Cooperate with Us!

We request to all over customers in all over Pakistan and internationally customers, always believe and cooperate with us. We shall never break your trust and believe. Cooperate with us in any condition, we will fulfil our promises and comitements. CEO//OWNER (Imran Ali)

Customers comitements always our first priority. We always trying to provide best services to our loyal customers. We provide live chat support and so many different contact systems for the easiness of customers.

We always provide geniune and best quality products to our customers.

We provide fatest delivery in all over Pakistan in 24 hour in commen days.

Customer car is our first priority. So provide best quality products always to our customers.

We cover 10/10 main cities of Pakistan with hundrads of small citeis and thousands of customers setisfection.