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Honda Civic X’s engine allegedly broke down after 951 km

The tale of Honda Civic X separating in the wake of running for just 951 km is making a great deal of buzz via web-based networking media. view itself as the voice of shoppers and thusly we contacted the proprietor of the vehicle to know the definite subtleties of what occurred and what did he do in such manner.

The vehicle proprietor of Civic X, Mr. Saqib revealed to that he purchased Honda Civic very nearly a month back and it separated after been driven for just 951 Kms. He called up Honda, anyway without any result. He further said that he even reached the business bureau of the organization by means of email, yet no assistance came. As indicated by him, the day he purchased the vehicle, oil was spilling from it. He, nonetheless, didn’t overplay it.

At the point when the vehicle stalled, Mr. Saqib continued reaching Honda lastly got past one of the directors, who as per Mr. Saqib would not help. Mr. Saqib cautioned Honda that he means to prosecute the issue, to which the administrator purportedly answered that Mr. Saqib was allowed to do as such.

Besides, while conversing with Saqib, Mr. Saqib said that he was extremely frustrated by Honda’s client administration and that there is no quality check which the organization pursues for its items. He said he paid Rs.3 million for an awful item. He additionally asserted, citing one of Honda dealership builds that the organization is offering restored vehicles to its clients as they take a greater number of requests than they can convey.

Besides, Mr. Saqib emphasized that he isn’t the just a single confronting this issue. Indeed citing the Honda engineer, he attested that there are numerous Honda proprietors out there who have confronted a similar issue.


What’s more, to his vehicle biting the dust, Mr. Saqib additionally said that there were different issues with the vehicle as well. For instance, Honda X’s boot and entryways don’t open and close easily; there’s a slack in its capacity windows, and so forth. At the point when asked where his vehicle was currently, he said he has left it at the Honda dealership he had gotten it from.

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