6Pcs Cute Emoji Mini Shaking Head Car Dashboard


6Pcs Cute Emoji Mini Shaking Head Car Dashboard

6 Different Emoji Faces: — This set includes 6 different cute expressions,like emoji sunglasses, emoji smiley face, emoji grin which is made of plastic and which is about 3 inches high.

Shaking Head: — The emoji doll will shake their heads because of the spring when you drive your car or hit it on the head, without battery required.It looks like he is nodding or shaking his head, so funny for us!

Emoji Smiley Faces Keep Your Driving Safeļ¼š– Scientists have discovered that when we look at a smiley face in any form, we will change our mood even alter our facial expressions to match the emotion of the emoticon. Put them on your car dashboard, these cute emoji figurine will make you feel happy, eliminate your fatigue of driving, no longer worried about fatigue journey.

Party Favors: — It is perfect for Kids party favors especially the emoji themed party. 6 of the most poplar and beloved emoji expressions like emoji sunglasses, emoji smiley face, emoji grin, perfect for Summer, Easter, Christmas and Happy Birthday Party Favors!

Release Your Pressures: — It is about jokes, playfulness, of emphasising praise or cushioning the impact of criticism, of provoking thought and exercising the imagination. Decorated with a collection of the most beloved and popular emoji icons, these funky guys twist and contort for hours of stress relief and fun.

6PCS Creative Decoration Toy Spring Shaking Head Doll Expression Pack


Made of eco-friendly resin, will not be deformed,will not fade,long service life.

When moving the dolls ornaments will shake head.

Style: car, collection, display, gift, funny

Size:2x2x3 Inch/5x5x8cm

Perfect for car dashboard,bedroom,home,office desk and other occasions are all applicable.

One of the best place to shake the doll this section is the coffee table or bedside, boring or tired day bring you joy, no matter when, have a familiar look with you.

Give my dear friend a present, give one more joy to one’s own home, or try to make a surprise for one’s lover, add some fun to the boring journey.

Package Includes:6 x Doll


Our toys are non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, but not edible. It is suggested that younger children play with the company of adults.

About product

YOU CAN put it in the bedroom and see it in the morning, your mood will be better.

YOU CAN put it on the table, see it when you are tired, and you will relax.

YOU CAN give it to your girlfriend and believe that your girlfriend likes it very much.

YOU CAN put it in the car, it will accompany you through the boring traffic jam time.

YOU CAN give it to your customers so that your customers can be impressed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time, I will serve you wholeheartedly.Of course, please do not hesitate to order, we will provide the best products and services.Our aim is to satisfy customers.

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