Emergency Anti-Skid Tyres Snow Chains-set


Emergency Anti-Skid Tyre’s Snow Chains set / for two tires

Snow chains work simply by increasing the amount of grip that tyres have on the roads when they are icy or covered in snow. Increasing the traction between the car and the road makes driving in adverse winter conditions much safer as it reduces the chance of cars losing control and skidding on icy surfaces.

The chains are made from a strong and durable metal which allows them to bear the whole weight of the vehicle without breaking. You can count on snow chains to last for many winters as long as you use them safely and in the correct conditions. You should never drive on surfaces which are not covered in ice and/or snow whilst you have snow chains attached to your wheels. They are designed to sink into the protective layer of compacted ice or snow, which provides a barrier between the chains and the road surface.

Emergency Anti-Skid Tyre’s Snow Chains set / for two tires

here is a good chance that without the layer of snow to protect against the chains, you could severely damage both the road surface and your tyres. You will also dramatically shorten the life expectancy of the chains if you drive on tarmac or hard surfaces with them fitted. To ensure that they do their job in keeping you protected on those wintery roads, make sure you respect the limitations. Don’t drive at speeds over 30mph when they are fitted, make sure the correct locking systems are set up and don’t drive on anything other than snow or ice.



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