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Steering Red Trim Honda Civic 2016-2019


Steering Red Trim Honda Civic 2016-2019

Over the years, automotive interior trim advancements have helped manufacturers design vehicles that attract buyers and improve cars overall. For example, these advancements include:

  • Decreased noise level
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal
  • Improved comfort level

Take a look at its smart adhesive technologies and how they aid in automotive assembly overall.

Water-Based Automotive Interior Trim Adhesives

In addition to reducing VOC emissions during the manufacturing process, this automotive adhesive technology functions optimally with a permeable substrate. This means that is an ideal option for door panels comprise of different fabrics, such as foam or leather.

As a low viscosity compound, water-based adhesive technology benefits OEMs with the following benefits:

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Strong bonds

Steering Red Trim Honda Civic 2016-2019

Rubber-Based Automotive Interior Trim Adhesives

Ideal for the interior of a car door panel, these adhesives can bond even the most difficult automotive substrates. In particular, rubber-based interior trim adhesives improve gasket performance, offering superior:

  • Water management
  • Sound damping
  • Resistance to vibrations

Additionally, as another smart interior trim adhesive technology, Citycar’s products formulated using a rubber base are designed to improve visibility and accuracy.

Steering Red Trim Honda Civic 2016-2019

Reactive Solvent-Based Automotive Interior Trim Adhesives

Designed as an all-purpose bonding agent, automotive interior trims manufactured using this type of technology offer:

  • Easy, clean application
  • Bond toughness
  • Excellent adhesion to plasticized PVC

Additionally, as a smart interior trim adhesive technology, Citycar’s polymers react by cross-linking, enabling greater creep resistance than traditional solvent-based products.



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